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Here you can find lots of information about au pair life. On our website it is all about au pair, nanny granny or being abroad. We have collected lots of information that can show you how to become an au pair, how life as an Au pair looks like and which tasks fall into the scope of an au pair.

We hope you’ll enjoy browsing through our au pair area and the preparation for an exciting time as an au pair.


What is an au pair? What does the word „au pair“ mean? What is the history behind the au pair program? Read more about "What ist au pair?" here.

How to be an Au Pair?

You are thinking about the possibility of becoming an au pair and thus being able to spend a year abroad without spending too much money? Here you will find many suggestions that will help you make your dream come true and become an au pair.


Become an au pair, yes! But in which country? Where do I want to spend my time abroad as an au pair or a demi-pair? As a future au pair you have to make this decision very early on.

Work Hours

How are your work hours as an au pair? What does a typical day as an au pair look like? Are there any laws about work hours for au pairs? Read more about work hours as au pair here.

Plan your au pair trip

Are you planning an au pair stay or an au pair tour? What you have to organize before your au pair stay? You have no idea what to put in your suitcase? And what about your travel expenses? Read more about planning au pair trip.

The first days as an au pair

Do you already work as an au pair and you would like to know more about your job? You just started your au pair job? What are the first steps to get settled in as an au pair? Read more here about your first days as an au pair.

Free time for au pair

Are you working as an au pair, but you have no idea what to do in your free time? Here you will find a lot of great suggestions.

Taking a language course

You want to take a language course as an au pair? Find out how you can find the best language school and the right language course for you.

Changing families?

What do I do if I don't get along with the host family and I want to change host families as an au pair? Read more about how to change host families here.