Au pair through an aupair-agency

You don't know if you should hire an au pair agency in order to find an au pair host family for you? You would like to know what services an agency offers? What's the best agency?


Read more about au pair agencies and you will find answers to all these questions.




  • You and your host family have to pay the agency a fee
  • An agency helps you with your application
  • Help with your visa application
  • Support during your stay



aupair agencyMost au pair agencies want you to work as an au pair for one year or at least half a year. The process of finding a host family for you as an au pair is similar in all the au pair agencies. First, you must fulfill the formal and personal requirements as an au pair.


After checking these, the au pair agency will send you your application form. It contains a questionnaire. The questions are meant to help you find the right host family and also give your future host family more information about you.


Usually, the au pair agency will help you fill out the application form. If your au pair stay requires a visa, it can be especially helpful to hire an au pair agency to help you with the formalities. This service is obviously not for free, as the agency is interested in making a profit.


Therefore, both you and your future host family have to pay the agency a fee for its service. As an au pair, you only have to pay the fee after the agency finds a suitable family for you. The agency fee can vary a lot.



Before your trip:

  • A hotline is not enough; you should be able to meet your contact person, too.
  • The agency charges you its fee only after having found a host family for you.
  • Make sure your agency is controlled by the IAPA (International Au Pair Association).
  • Testimonials from ex-au pairs who found work with the agency and a way to contact them.
  • Help with your application (for example correcting your letter to the host family).
  • Fast service, as an agency is supposed to have a large network in each au pair country.
  • A good au pair agency will consider your special wishes, regarding the age of the children, whether you prefer working in the city or in the countryside etc.
  • The agency suggests more than one host family to you.
  • You receive detailed information about the host families.
  • You can get in touch with your potential host family (for example, call them) .
  • The agency is there for you even after helping you with your preparations and after finding a host family for you.
  • You receive information about the insurance you will need abroad.



During your stay:

  • The agency will contact you after your first days abroad
  • Support during your au pair stay
  • Contact person available
  • Help if you have problems with your host family
  • Activities for au pairs (excursions, au pair meetings)
  • Contact list of other au pairs close to you
  • Help finding the right language school
  • Emergency hotline
  • If there are problems, immediate change of host family
  • You receive an au pair certificate after finishing your au pair stay



  • The au pair agency looks for your host family so you cannot be sure that your wishes and necessities are really considered. At the end of the day, you know best what you want and need!
  • The au pair agency will charge you and your host family a fee for their services. Many au pair agencies claim that they will check the host families first. However, this usually only refers to checking if the host families fulfill the formal requirements.
  • The agency normally does not go to see the household of the host family to make sure the information they give is correct.
  • Unfortunately, there are many fake agencies out there.
  • For many agencies, making money is the most important thing and they leave you alone after putting you in touch with your host family abroad.
  • Au pair agencies are usually focused on certain countries, which limits your choices of finding a good host family.
  • Most agencies want you to work for a year or at least six months as an au pair but this doesn't always fit your personal plans. Some au pair agencies keep sending au pairs to „unpopular“ host families who have violated the au pair norms repeatedly.



From our perspective, it is also possible to find a good host family through the internet.


As host mom I have had better experiences finding au pairs through the internet than through the three agencies I payed.


Also, if you are an au pair looking for a family on your own you have more control over the entire process that way.


Furthermore, looking for a host family online is free for you as an au pair. Trust your gut feeling! If you organize your search for a host family well, you fill find a family very fast.




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