Au pair in Bern? Do you want to work as an au pair in Bern?


Here you can find more information and many great suggestions for your au pair stay in Bern.


Information at a glance

City: Bern
Country: Switzerland
Languages: German, French
Surface area: 51,60 km²
Population: 127.515 (2012)1
Country code: 00 41 31
Website: www.bern.ch


Au pair stay in Bern

Bern is the capital of Switzerland and also of the canton Bern. The city of Bern is the seat of the Swiss government and also the most important economic center of the region.


The old town of Bern has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. One of its most interesting features is the 6-kilometer-long arcades (Lauben), one of Europe's longest covered shopping promenades.


From Bern you are also only one step away from the Swiss Alps.


Being an au pair in Bern

  • requirements: 18-30 years, not married, no children, be in good health, experience with children
  • working hours: 30 hours per week
  • responsibilities: child care and small chores around the house
  • salary: 500-800 CHF (Swiss francs) per month
  • duration of au pair stay: 24 months at the most
  • health insurance: the host family has to pay for the health insurance
  • language course: there are public and private language schools
  • driver's license: it can be an advantage if you have a driver's license (class B)


What to do in your free time in Bern

Au pairs in Switzerland get 1,5 days off per week. Take advantage of this time to get to know the city and meet new people!


Once you get used to the daily routine in your host family, it will be easier for you to plan your free time. Try to make the most of your day since there are many things to do and see in Bern. Every day you can choose from many activities, such as concerts, expositions or markets.


Our recommendation: go to the Rose Garden in the BearPark (BärenPark) or to the Bern Minster for the best views over the city.


Bern's most important sights

  1. Bern Minster
  2. Clock tower (Zeitglockenturm)
  3. Einstein's house
  4. Federal palace
  5. History museum
  6. Paul Klee center – the world's largest collection of Paul Klee's works
  7. Restaurant Schwellenmätteli
  8. Rose Garden
  9. The BearPark - BärenPark
  10. The Gurten mountain


Language Schools in Bern

One important goal during your au pair stay in Bern is obviously to improve your language skills. Apart from practicing the language with your host family, you can also take language classes.


Your host family has to give you enough time off so you have time to take language classes. Ask your host family to help you find a good language school.



Language Schools in Bern:

  • Intermundo
  • Sprachenoffensive GmbH



Do you know a language school that is not on our list? Contact us and tell us about your experience!


Sports in Bern

You can practice many different sports in Bern.


Such as:

  1. badminton
  2. ice hockey
  3. soccer
  4. martial arts
  5. jogging
  6. water sports
  7. tennis


Exploring the surroundings of Bern

The weekends are perfect to get to know the areas around Bern.


Some popular destinations are:

  • Bernese Highlands
  • Bernaqua – aquatic park
  • Bielersee – lake
  • Land of the three lakes (Drei-Seen-Land)
  • Moosee beach
  • Natural reserve St. Peter's Island (St. Petersinsel)
  • ViaPostaAlpina – Swiss hiking trails
  • Zurich


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