Do you want to be an au pair in Holland? Read on to find out more about an au pair stay in the Netherlands.


Holland as an au pair country

holland aupairHolland, together with Belgium and Luxemburg, is part of the Benelux countries. Even though people say  “Holland,“ the official name of the country is “The Netherlands.“ Holland is actually a province in the Netherlands.


Even if the Netherlands is close to Germany and Belgium, the country has its own culture.


The Netherlands is known for its beautiful coasts, its historic cities and its food.


If people talk about the Netherlands, they automatically think of bicycles – and it is true! People in the Netherlands love riding their bikes and you can see bicycles everywhere.


Get to know the Netherlands as an au pair – the country of the masterpieces of Van Gogh, Vermeer and Rembrandt – and enjoy the picturesque landscape where the tulips and windmills seem like they're straight out of a painting. This, and much more awaits you in the Netherlands!


Requirements for an au pair stay in the Netherlands

  • no children, not married
  • age:  18 – 30 years
  • clean criminal record
  • passport or visa
  • basic knowledge of English or Dutch
  • it can be an advantage to have a driver's license
  • high school diploma
  • experience with children


Au Pair Working Hours in the Netherlands

Au pairs work 8 hours per day or 30 hours per week in Holland. You will take care of your host family's children and help with little chores around the house.


It is possible to work out an individual working schedule with your host family. Ask them about your working hours and your daily schedule the first time you talk to them. Au pairs in the Netherlands are entitled to two free nights and two days off per week. For every 6 months you get 2 weeks of paid vacation.


Au Pair Salary in Holland

In the Netherlands, the au pair salary is at least 250 Euros per month. The salary can be between 250 and 340 Euros per month, depending on your au pair contract. If you work more hours per week, you will also earn more money.


Duration of the au pair stay in the Netherlands

Duration of the au pair stay in the Netherlands: 3 to 12 months


Most host families are looking for an au pair that can stay for the entire school year, which adds up to an au pair stay of 9-12 months. We recommend starting your au pair stay either in January or in August/September. Au pair candidates from the EU can stay longer, as there are no time limitations for au pairs from the European Union. Mostly, au pairs stay for a full year.


Health Insurance in Holland

You will need health insurance for your au pair stay in the Netherlands. The host family pays for your insurance.


Au Pair Expenses in the Netherlands

You have to organize the trip to Holland and pay for it. If you come from another European country, the cheapest way to get to the Netherlands is usually by bus, but it's worth checking the prices of the cheap airlines as well.


Au Pair Entry Regulations in Holland

If you come from another country of the European Union, you only need a passport or an ID to enter the Netherlands.


Language course in the Netherlands

For an au pair stay in the Netherlands it is enough if you speak English. However, it is of course useful to learn some basic Dutch as well. Your host family should give you enough free time so you can take language classes.


There are many language schools in Holland where you can learn Dutch. Many public language schools offer very good and very cheap classes. Sometimes, if the host family is very satisfied with the au pair, they pay for (part of) the language course.


Information for your Au Pair Stay in the Netherlands

Official language: Dutch (in the province of Friesland: West Friesian)
Capital: Amsterdam
Surface Area: 41.548 km²
Population: 16.730.632 (2012)
Currency: Euro (€) (in some areas US-Dollar)
Climate: moderate, rainy climate
Country Code: +31
Emergency Number: 112


Popular au pair cities in the Netherlands

  • Almere
  • Amsterdam
  • Breda
  • Eindhoven
  • Groningen
  • Nijmegen
  • Rotterdam
  • Stadsregio Arnhem-Nijmegen
  • The Hague
  • Tilburg
  • Utrecht


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