Health insurance for au pairs

Health insurance for au pairs? As an au pair, do I need health insurance? How do I get health insurance as an au pair?


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  • Host families don't have to pay for an au pair's health insurance in all countries
  • The regulations are different in every country



insurance aupairHealth insurance will pay for the costs (full or partial) of a treatment if you are ill, or after an accident.


In many countries, health insurance is part of the social insurance system. Apart from money payments, some insurances also offer non-cash benefits.

The costs after an accident might be payed by the health insurance or by a special accident insurance.


Host families don't have to pay for health insurance for an au pair in all countries.



GERMANY The German host family has to pay for your au pair health insurance (costs: 21 to 43 Euro / month, depending on the type of policy). You should take out the policy right after your arrival just in case something should happen to you. The host family also pays for additional expenses related to your health insurance. Ask your host family for a copy of your insurance policy to make sure they really did take out a policy for you. In Germany, you have to have health insurance, but you don't have to have social insurance.
SWITZERLAND The Swiss host family also has to pay for your au pair health insurance in Switzerland.
AUSTRIA In Austria your host family takes out health insurance, accident insurance and social insurance for you. Therefore, your family also pays for your au pair health insurance.
AUSTRALIA If you will work as an au pair or a demi-pair in Australia you have to take out an international health insurance in your home country before your trip.



You should inform your insurance back home about your au pair trip abroad.



My host family payed for my health insurance. Since I was abroad as an au pair for one year, I didn't have to pay contributions to my insurance back home during this time.“ Pavla, 22



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