Do you want to be an au pair in Italy? Read on for more information and many useful tips for your au pair stay in Italy.

Italy as Au Pair Country

italien aupairItaly isn't just the country of pizza and spaghetti!


As an au pair in Italy you will also enjoy the diverse landscape and learn more about the country's ancient history.


Your main task is to take care of your host family's children and to help with some chores around the house.


Beautiful architecture, soccer-mania, world famous fashion, Italian cuisine, and countless touristic attractions are waiting for you in Italy!


Requirements for an Au Pair Stay in Italy

  • Age: between 18 and 30 years
  • not married, no children
  • high school diploma
  • child care experience (internship in a day care center or kindergarten etc.)
  • basic level of Italian or English
  • host families often prefer nonsmokers
  • a driver's license can be an advantage


Au Pair Working Hours in Italy

In Italy, you work out your au pair schedule with the host family. Usually, au pairs in Italy work between 25 and 35 hours per week. 


You will have at least one day off per week during which you can go out with your friends. At least once a month this day should be a Sunday. There are no regulations for au pair vacations in Italy, but after a stay of 6 months you get at least one week of paid vacation.


Au Pair Salary in Italy

The salary depends on the amount of hours you work per week. On average, an au pair salary in Italy amounts to 250 to 300 Euros per month.


Duration of the Au Pair Stay in Italy

The duration of an au pair stay in Italy can be anything between 3 months and one year. Most host families, however, are looking for an au pair for 10 – 12 months.


Health Insurance in Italy

Within the European Union there is government supported health insurance coverage. If you apply for a European health care insurance card, you can use your national health insurance coverage in every country of the EU, including Italy. There is also the possibility of having your host family take out a health insurance policy for you in Italy (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale). For this, you need a residence permit and an Italian tax number (codice fiscale).


Au Pair Expenses Italy

The au pair pays for the travel expenses, so it is worth comparing the prices of different airlines. Besides the au pair salary, you will also have free accommodation and food.


Au Pair Visa and Entry Regulations for Italy

If you are from a European country you only need your ID or passport to enter Italy. They have to be valid until at least 3 months after your au pair stay. You are responsible for organizing the trip to Italy.


Language Classes in Italy

Your Italian host family has to give you enough time to go to a language school. The au pair usually pays for the language classes.


Information for your Au Pair Stay in Italy

Official language Italian (in some regions: German, French, Slovenian or Ladin)
Capital Rome
Surface Area 301.338 km²
Population 60.626.442 (2011)
Currency Euro (Swiss Franc in Campione d´Italia)
EU membership EU member since 1958 (founding member)
Climate warm, moderate climate
Country Code +39
Emergency Numbers 113 police (or 112)
115 fire department (or 112)
117 Guardia di Financia
118 ambulance (or 112)
77171 mountain rescue


Popular Au Pair cities in Italy

  • Bari
  • Bologna
  • Catania
  • Florence
  • Genoa
  • Milan
  • Naples
  • Palermo
  • Rome
  • Turin



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