Au pair and illness

What happens when your Au Pair gets sick and needs some medical care? Read more about "Au Pair and illnesses" here!


Information at a glance

  • During a one year stay your au pair will probably get sick at some point
  • Their health insurance should pay for the medical bills (doctors and hospitals)
  • What do you have to do when the au pair is sick?


Illness as au pair

krank aupairYour au pair is sick and now what? Usually, when the au pair is sick, the host family's biggest problem is re-arranging for the care of the children. Also, you have to take care of a sick person. Working everything out can be tricky, especially if both parents have jobs. Luckily though, in most cases, your au pair will only be sick for a couple of days.


Their health insurance will take care of the medical bills: Even though your au pair probably doesn't have a serious illness, it might be necessary to go and see a doctor  about it. But don't worry! The au pair's health insurance will take care of all the medical bills.


Depending on the type of health insurance though, you might have to lend the au pair money until the insurance pays you back. Other insurance companies work directly with the doctors  and hospitals. Contact the insurance company of your au pair and find out who has to pay in case the au pair gets sick.


The au pair has to go to the hospital: If your au pair has to go to the hospital, the insurance company will pay for the hospital bills. Some insurance companies even reimburse host families for the sick days of the au pair.



The au pair is sick – what about the pocket money?


If the au pair is sick, you still have to pay your au pair –  up to six weeks. If the au pair is sick longer, talk to the au pair to see if you can find a solution.



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