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Information at a glance

City: Vienna
Country: Austria
Language: German
Surface area: 414,87 km²1
Population: 1.765.649 (2014)2
Country code and area code: 00 43 - 1
Webseite: www.wien.gv.at


Au pair stay in Vienna

Vienna is the capital of Austria and the city with the second biggest group of German speakers after Berlin.


Vienna is not only Austria's cultural capital, it is one of Europe's most important cultural centers as well: Vienna is the number one city for composers.


In no other city have there lived more composers than in Vienna. This goes to show: music is in the air of Vienna!


Due to Vienna's interesting past as well as lively present, there are many things to discover in this cosmopolitan city.


Being an au pair in Vienna

  • requirements: 18-30 years, not married, no children, be in good health, experience with children
  • working hours: 20 hours per week
  • responsibilities: child care and small chores around the house
  • salary: 395,31 Euros per month (pre-tax, 2014)
  • duration of au pair stay: 6– 12 months
  • health insurance: usually, the host family pays for the health insurance
  • language course: there are public and private language schools
  • driver's license: having a driver's license (class B) can be an advantage


What to do in your free time in Vienna

Au pairs in Austria get one day off per week. Take advantage of this free time to see the city and meet new people.


Once you get used to the daily routine in your host family, it will be easier for you to plan your free time. Try to make the most of your day as there are many things to do and see in Vienna, such as plays, musicals, concerts or art expositions.Do you want to experience a city tours, city walks and sightseeing in Vienna? Discover Vienna with Viennaguides.at!


The most important sights in Vienna

  1. Belvedere – summer palace
  2. City hall
  3. Hofburg Wien – Imperial Palace
  4. Kärntner street and Graben street Vienna – shopping streets
  5. Secession
  6. St. Charles Church
  7. Schönbrunn – Schönbrunn Palace
  8. St. Stephen's Cathedral – Vienna's most famous landmark
  9. Vienna Prater
  10. Vienna State Opera


Language schools in Vienna

One important goal during an au pair stay in Vienna is obviously to improve your German skills. Apart from practicing the language with your host family, you can also take language classes.


Your host family has to give you enough time off so you can take language classes.  Ask your host family to help you pick a school!  



Language schools Vienna:

  • Actilingua Academy
  • Alpha Sprachinstitut Austria
  • Campus Austria
  • Cultura Wien

Do you know a language school that is not on our list? Contact us and tell us about your experience!


Sports in Vienna

There is a great variety of sports in Vienna:

  1. gyms
  2. dancing studios
  3. public pools
  4. indoor climbing
  5. bowling
  6. diving
  7. go-kart
  8. beach volleyball


Our suggestions: Vienna's city park (Stadtpark) is the biggest park that you can find downtown. Also check out the Burggarten Vienna. Both are great spots if you want to go for a stroll or jogging.


Exploring Vienna's surroundings

The weekends are perfect to get to know the areas around Vienna. Some popular destinations around Vienna are:

  • Aggstein castle
  • Angeli bath
  • Augustinian male choir of the Klosterneuburg monastery
  • Christmas market in the Silentium garden
  • Greifenstein castle
  • Groß Enzersdorf
  • Klettergarten – rope course in the woods
  • Liechtenstein castle
  • Neusiedl am See
  • Railroad museum Schwechat
  • Tulln gardens



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1 Statistik Austria: Bevölkerung zu Quartalsbeginn seit 2002 nach Bundesland
2 Stadtgebiet - Statistiken, Stadt Wien, abgerufen am 15. März 2011