Become an au pair, yes! But in which country? Where do I want to spend my time abroad as an au pair or a demi-pair? As a future au pair you have to make this decision very early on.


First, you should consider which language you want to learn or improve as an au pair. From here you can choose potential countries for your year abroad as an au pair. Ideally, they speak the language you chose as a native language.


Au Pair Country

Au pair in Australia  Au pair in Austria Au pair in Belgium 

australien aupair oesterreich aupair belgien aupair

Au pair in Canada Au pair in Germany  Au pair in France 

kanada aupair  deutschland aupair frankreich aupair

Au pair in England Au pair in Holland Au pair in Ireland

england aupair holland aupair irland aupair

Au pair in Italy Au Pair in New Zealand

Au pair in Spain

italien aupair neuseeland aupair spanien aupair

Au pair in Sweden Au pair in Switzerland Au Pair in the USA

 schweden aupair schweiz aupair amerika aupair