Free time for au pair

Are you working as an au pair, but you have no idea what to do in your free time? Here you will find a lot of great suggestions.


Free time during your au pair stay

free time aupairIn most host families, au pairs have the weekends off.


If you don't have the whole weekend off in your family, it means that you'll have at least one free day during the week to enjoy your free time as an au pair.


Your au pair job can be pretty exhausting, so maybe you're longing for some free time from your au pair duties. At the same time, you might not have any idea what to do with your free time by yourself in your new country.


That's why we came up with some tips and suggestions for activities for your free time!


1. Take language classes in your free time

You came to a foreign country as an au pair because you wanted to learn a new language and experience a different culture. Therefore, you should look for a good language course in a language school as soon as you arrive.


If you take language classes during your au pair stay, you will automatically meet new people and make friends. You will probably start hanging out with your new friends after the first class. Often, you can also meet other au pairs from your region in your language school.


2. Sporty au pair: Go to a gym or join a sports club

If you like to do sports in your free time, you should continue with your hobby during your au pair stay.


Look around in your town for a sports club or a gym where you can practice your favorite sport in your free time.


3. Go to au pair meetings in your free time

If you hired an au pair agency to find a host family for you, you can contact the agency and ask them about organized trips and au pair meetings close-by. Unfortunately, there are only very few agencies that really offer these services after they have found a host family for you, but it never hurts to ask!


Maybe, the agency can at least give you the contact information of other au pairs nearby so you can get in touch and meet them in your free time. Also, in bigger cities there are many independent au pair meetings or other multicultural events where you can go in your free time as an au pair. Just search for them online!


4. As an au pair, you'll learn something new each day

Is there something you always wanted to learn? Take a class! Is there a dance you always wanted to know how to dance? You could go to a dance academy in your free time as an au pair.


Do you want to learn how to cook international dishes? Just find a cooking class in your neighborhood!


5. Go sight seeing with a travel guide

There are certainly many sights in your region. Get a travel guidebook and just start going to the suggested sights. You will probably meet a lot of people this way, and also learn a lot about the culture of the country.


With a bike tour book you can discover your new environment by bike during your free time as an au pair. This can be very comfortable and very entertaining.


6. Go on trips with your host family

Your host family probably goes on trips every once in a while. Just ask them what they have planned for the near future. Ask your au pair family if you could come with them. That makes it easier for your family to organize the trip and consider you in their planning.


These are only a few suggestions, but there are so many more things you can do in your free time as an au pair.



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