Demi-pair? What is a demi-pair and how is it different from the classic au pair?


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What is a DEMI-PAIR?

demi pairWhat is a demi-pair? This question is easily answered if you look closely at the word combination. The word „demi-pair“ comes as the word „au pair“ from French. „Demi“ means „half“.


The classic au pair works all day and helps and supports the family with the house work and the child care throughout the day. The demi-pair on the other hand takes a language course in the mornings or afternoons and therefore can support the family with the typical au pair work only part-time. You could also call a demi-pair a part-time au pair.


If you work abroad as a demi-pair the main focus is to learn the language as quickly as possible. As demi-pair you also help your host family with easy tasks in the house and with the child care. Just like the au-pair, the demi-pair can live for free with the host family, gets food and some pocket money.



What are your duties as a demi-pair? The demi-pair helps the host family with easy works in the house and takes care of the children. Easy house chores are: preparing the meals, set the table, vacuum, do laundry, sweep ...


Your tasks as a demi-pair related to the child care are: play with the children, bring them to their day care facilities, dress and undress the children, help them with their homework...


Your stay abroad as a demi-pair is something in between a language trip and a home stay. As a demi-pair you can learn the language very fast. You should aim for a language certificate like the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Testing System). Such a certificate can help you a lot after your time abroad, for example when applying for a job in an international company or to an international university.


Your dem-pair stay has even more advantages. For a regular au pair program in New Zealand or Australia you need to have a driver's license – if you apply as a demi-pairit isn't. Therefore, if you don't have a driver's license working as a demi-pair is a good option.




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