Host family

What exactly does a host family mean for the au pair? We would like to explain this particular question for those who want to become a host family.


host familyA host family is a family (including single parents) with at least one child (under 16) who lives permanently in the household of the host family.


Host parents host an Au Pair as a kind of a big "sister" or big "brother" for their children for a limited time. This includes offering them board, lodging and pocket money. The amount of the pocket money and the working hours of the Au Pair are governed by the provisions of the host country. In addition, the au pair should have the opportunity to attend a language school.


The au pair is responsible for the care of the children, helps with light housework and takes part in joint family activities.


The interest of the host family is to meet people from other cultures with a different language. In the au pair program the au pair returns a service by supporting the family with several hours of childcare per week.



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