Substitue Granny

What is an au pair granny and how can you become an au pair granny?


Find here facts and figures about the au pair granny and how to become an au pair granny.



grannyAu pair as a granny? The au pair granny is relatively new.


It's a new concept meant to bring together the experienced woman between 45 and 70, the au pair granny, and the host family in Germany and Europe. The usual au pair program age limits don't apply to the au pair granny.


As visa regulations are more complicated overseas, the concept of an au pair granny so far only exists in countries of the European Union.


Unlike the classic au pair program, where girls and boys both can participate, the concept of an au pair granny is only for women.


It is not known if an au pair grandfather ever worked in a host family and the agencies so far only place older women as au pair grannies.



In order to be happy with your work as an au pair grannyyou have to fulfill certain requirements:

  • you should be happy with who you are
  • you should be single
  • you should be curious, flexible and creative
  • you should be active and full of energy
  • you should be willing to learn and be tolerant
  • you should have the time to fully commit to your new task



Staying abroad as an au pair granny is more like a private trip. Neither your travel expenses as an au pair granny are payed for nor will you receive a salary or pocket money as an au pair granny. Often, as an au pair granny you get different rewards, for example food and drinks, theater tickets, transportation tickets, entrances …! There are many options.



As an au pair granny you have to take out your international health insurance and also pay for it. It is also not exactly clear if you live with the host family. It also could be that you live in a little bed and breakfast or in a hotel close to the host family. There is no legal framework for au pair grannies and you have to see the details as au pair granny directly with the host family. As an au pair granny you are basically the substitute grandmother abroad.


There are some au pair agencies that are specialized in au pair grannies and exclusively find host families for them. For successfully placing an au pair granny in a host family, the agency charges a fee of 200-300 Euros. As an au pair granny you have to add to that your travel expenses and maybe accommodation fees, which depend on the situation of the host family and the country.



The main idea of an au pair granny is that an experienced, curious and energetic woman helps the host family. Just like the classic au pair as an au pair granny you should be part of the host family. You add to the family as well as you enjoy living with a young family. Your duties as an au pair granny are very similar to the classic au pair duties. Often, both parents of the host family work so they need somebody to fill in the gap and take care of the children lovingly.



Typical duties:

  1. as an au pair granny you help with the child care
  2. as an au pair granny you help with easy tasks in the house



Taking care of the children as an au pair granny can include the following:

  • play with the children
  • bring the children to kindergarten or to school
  • read to them, make handicrafts, do gymnastics
  • help with the homework
  • prepare meals
  • feed the children
  • wash and bathe them, help them brush their teeth
  • change diapers, potty training
  • wake up the children and bring them to bed
  • clean up
  • do laundry, iron
  • vacuum
  • dust
  • open the windows to let fresh air in
  • take care of the pets
  • go shopping
  • wash the dishes
  • take care of the house


Please keep in mind that many house holds have house keepers so as an au pair granny your main task is to take care of the children. Talk about this with your host family beforehand.



  1. Before you start planning your au pair stay abroad as an au pair granny
  2. you should definitely think about the following aspects:
  3. With my personality, could I really work as an au pair granny?
  4. Can I work under stress and stand to be with a young and chaotic family as an au pair granny?
  5. Am I healthy enough to be an au pair granny?
  6. What do I want to get out of my au pair granny stay abroad?
  7. How long do I want to live with a host family as an au pair granny?
  8. Are my expectations realistic regarding my work as an au pair granny?
  9. What are my thoughts about „working hours“ as an au pair granny?
  10. Are there pets allowed in the host family and how will I get along with the pets and the children as an au pair granny
  11. What does the host family have to pay for me so I can afford to go abroad as an au pair granny?



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