Host Family

Welcome to our area for prospective host families!

In our area for the host family, you will find numerous tips and advice for choosing a suitable au pairs, the reception and integration of au pairs in the family and living with the au pair. Additionally you will find information on the cost to you as an au pair, host family and the duties and working hours of an au pair.

How to become a host family? Would you like to know if you qualify for being a host family or how to become a host family? Here more!

Host family

What exactly does a host family mean for the au pair? We would like to explain this particular question for those who want to become a host family.

Choosing an au pair

Are you looking for an au pair? How and where to find the right au pair and what you have to keep in mind as a host family. Read more about choosing an au pair here.

Host Family

You have decided to host an au pair as a host family? Can you become a host family? Do you meet all the requirements?

Before the arrival of au pair

Your first au pair? Are you waiting for the au pair to arrive? Before the arrival of your au pair there as a host family to make some preparations and to do various things. Read here what you should do everything before the arrival of your au pair.

Au Pair Duties

What are common tasks for an au pair? What are typical au pair responsibilities? Read more about responsibilities for au pair here.

Au pair arrives

Your au pair has finally arrived! What do you do on the au pair's first day? More about "Day of Au Pair Arrival" here.

Costs for a host family

What expenses will you have with an au pair? How much money will you have to spend monthly on an au pair? Read more about expenses for au pairs.

Family changes au pair

How to organise changing of au pair? Taking in an au pair that is changing host families. Read more about "Changing au pair" here.