Au Pair Duties

What are common tasks for an au pair? What are typical au pair responsibilities? Read more about responsibilities for au pair here.


Au pair tasks

duties aupairOne of the most important responsibilities of an au pair is to take care of your children and be reliable.


Since the au pair is a new family member, you should let the au pair participate in your everyday activities as a host family.


The au pair is a new family member now, so make sure to let the au pair be a part of your everyday life as a family.


The au pair should finish the tasks during working hours. It can help to keep a chart that lists the responsibilities.


Au Pair Duties

Common responsibilities for an au pair:

  • prepare small meals for the children
  • help the children dress and undress
  • bathe the children
  • play with them
  • help them with their homework
  • do the children's laundry and iron their clothes
  • clean the children's room
  • load and unload the dishwasher
  • babysit at night
  • take the children to kindergarten, school, to their playgroup or to their free time activities and  pick them up.


 Remember, an au pair is not a maid!

An au pair helps the host family with the tasks that involve the children. Obviously, an au pair is not supposed to clean your entire house. And you also can't have your au pair cook three-course meals for you.


Au pairs shouldn't dedicate more than 50% of their entire working time to house work.


And: An au pair is not available 24-7. There are clear regulations regarding an au pair's working hours and vacations.



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