Practice the foreign language

How can you practice the foreign language before your au pair stay? Language training for au pairs? Language training for your stay abroad?


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  • language course
  • online language test
  • internet
  • audio books for listening comprehension
  • movies and series with subtitles in the foreign language
  • talk shows or live shows
  • DVD s, TV
  • books, newspapers (children's books, phrasebooks)



language skills aupairIt is necessary to have a basic or intermediate level in the language of your host country in order to have a successful au pair year abroad.


Before your trip you should take some time to practice the foreign language. You can read easy books, watch movies or take a language course in your home country. The more secure you feel in the foreign language before your trip, the easier it will be for you to adapt to being an au pair in your new host family.


You can practice your listening comprehension by playing DVDs in the language of your host country instead of watching them in your native language.


You can also prepare for your au pair stay by watching talk shows or live shows in the foreign language. In these shows, people speak naturally, without a script. There are only a few movies which are as difficult to understand as the spontaneous conversations of a talk show. Talk shows are also great because people use a lot of slang.


If you like movies, you can rent ten of your favorite movies and watch them in the foreign language.



When I went to Germany, I already knew a little bit of German. BUT – I had a huge language barrier. My knowledge of German was more theoretical than practical. And I was scared to talk! Luckily I had to communicate with the children after only a couple of days. That took my fears away very fast. I didn't even notice it – I was talking without thinking about it. It was great! As the whole family spoke only German with me, I learned the new language very fast. The children also taught me a lot. In addition, I took a language course which helped me with my grammar.“ Pavla, 22




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