Pocket money as an au pair

As an au pair, do I get pocket money or a real salary? How much is my pocket money or salary as an au pair? Do I have to pay taxes on my pocket money?


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  • Your au pair wage is actually called pocket money and not salary
  • Since 2006, an au pair in Germany earns 260 Euros per month as pocket money
  • As an au pair, you receive your pocket money even if you are ill
  • In Germany, as an au pair you don't have to pay taxes on your pocket money
  • You will receive your au pair pocket money even in case of an illness or during your vacations
  • Your German host parents can deduct the pocket money they pay you from their taxes



pocket money aupairYou won't earn a regular salary, but a small au pair pocket money. Your au pair job is not an employment; it is more about cultural exchange. You receive your au pair pocket money and free food and accommodation in exchange for helping your host family.


How much pocket money you get is different in every country and also depends on your working hours as an au pair.


You will receive your au pair pocket money even in case of an illness or during your vacations.


As an au pair in Germany you earn at least 260 Euros per month. In Austria you earn 376.26 Euro as an au pair and in Switzerland the amount of your pocket money depends on the canton where your host family lives.


As an au pair, you should open a free account abroad so your host parents can transfer your pocket money easily. Also, this way, your host parents can collect the slips for the tax office so they can later deduct it from their taxes as child care costs. After your arrival, ask your host parents for an advance on your money. After that, you can set a date for you monthly payments.



The numbers refer to the amount of au pair pocket money per month (2012):

America ab 195,75 US$ per week Italy 120 - 300 Euro per month
Australia 50 - 250 AU$ per week Canada 140 und 200 CAD per week
Belgium 450 Euro per month New Zealand 180 New Zealand dollar (NZD) per week
Germany 260 Euro per month The Netherlands 300 - 340 Euro per montht
Denmark 3.150 - 3.500 Danish Crowns (DKK) per month Norway 4.000 - 5.000 Norwegian Crowns (NOK) per month
Finland 252 Euro per month Austria 395,31 Euro per month
France 258 - 315,90 Euro per month Sweden 3.500 Swedish Crowns (SEK) per month
Great Britain 40 - 85 British Pounds (GBP) per week Switzerland 500 - 800 Swiss Franks (CHF) per month
Ireland 75-100 Euro per week, 300 - 400 Euro per month Spain 50-70 Euro per week, 200 - 280 Euro per month
Iceland 300 - 400 Euro (10.000 ISK per week) Südafrika 800 SAR pro Monat




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