Summer Au Pair

What is a summer au pair and how is it different from the classic au pair?


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What is a summer au pair?

summer aupairA summer au pair works during the summer, since many families are looking for an au pair to help them with childcare during the summer months (from May to September).


Summer vacation is long and in many countries, parents are unable to take that much time off from work. They cannot stay home for the entire summer to take care of their children. Also, daycare centers are usually closed during the summer, so, many families are glad to have a summer au pair who can help them out.


It is very common that summer au pairs go on vacation with their host family, so, being a summer au pair abroad can be a fun job. If you want to work as a summer au pair, you should hand in your application by the end of March, at the latest.



If you work as a summer au pair your duties are very similar to those of a classic au pair:

  1. Childcare (play, make handicrafts, plan activities with the children, give them food, help them dress and undress etc.).
  2. Small jobs around the house (prepare meals, clean up after the meals, vacuum, unload the dishwasher etc.).



If you work as a summer au pair, it can be really hard to tell whether what you are doing is actual work or if it is part of your free time. If you build sandcastles at the beach, is it work or free time? If you cook together with the host family, is that considered work or free time? If you go on a trip with your au pair family, are you working or is this part of your free time?


These questions are hard to answer since every host family and every au pair will probably tell you something different.



Our advice:

Talk to your host family about these issues before you start your au pair job. This is the only way you can avoid misunderstandings later on. Also, if the rules are clear from the beginning, nobody will be disappointed afterward because they expected something else.


Set clear rules with your au pair family and work out a plan for your working hours as a summer au pair. This way, your host family will know exactly when they can count on your help, and it will be easier for you to plan your free time.



If the host family is planning to go on vacation with you, keep in mind that this changes the general framework of your au pair work. The whole family will spend a lot more time together.


Also, the accommodation is usually smaller, and you will have less space for yourself. Maybe the host family can't afford to pay for a private room for the au pair or there might not be an extra room for the au pair, so it might be possible that you will have to sleep in the same room as the children.



Before going on vacation with your au pair family, you should talk about the following:

  1. What will the accommodation be like?
  2. How much pocket money will you get?
  3. Will the host family pay for your expenses (entrance fees, excursions, etc.)?
  4. Will the host family pay (in part) for your travel expenses?
  5. Exactly how many hours will you have to work?




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