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What is a nanny and how can you become a nanny?
What is the difference between a nanny and an au pair? Find out more about nannies and au pairs!

Difference between a nanny and an au pair

nanny  or childcare provider is a person who cares for the children of a family. Sometimes, they are also called “governess”, from the French word “gouvernante”.

You could compare the  work of a nanny  roughly to the work of a teacher in a daycare center.   

There is a distinction between a “ live-in nanny”  and a “ live-out nanny ”, depending on the living situation of the nanny.

If the nanny lives in the same house with the family, she is a  live-in nanny . If she doesn’t live with the family and only comes over for a couple of hours, you call her a live-out nanny .  

The responsibilities of a nanny are:

  • childcare
  • education
  • helping with the children’s homework
  • cooking
  • housework
  • shopping and driving the children around

Nanny job

One of the differences between  a nanny and an au pair   is that the nanny is from the same country as the family.

Also, the  work of the nanny,  unlike an au pair program, is considered a proper work relation (with payroll tax). The host family is actually the employer and the nanny is an employee.
A nanny can work full time or part time, depending on the family’s needs. Therefore, the nanny doesn’t earn merely pocket money, but a full salary.
A nanny earns between 7 – 30 euros an hour, depending on her qualifications, experience and on the amount of work.

So, a nanny’s gross income per year falls between 10,080 and 43,200 euros for a 30-hour week. Clearly, if a  nanny earns that much, it means that she has been educated in either healthcare or childcare. While it used to be common to look for a nanny among friends and acquaintances, now, most people look for a nanny online.