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Illnesses as au pair


What do you do if you get as an au pair? Does the host family still pay you your pocket money while you are sick? Do you have the right to be treated by a doctor? Read more about illnesses as an au pair here.


  • Your host family has to give you the opportunity to take a language course at a language school.
  • As an au pair, you have to pay for the language course yourself, unless your host family offers to pay for it. Ask!


The host family is instructed to leave you enough free time so you can take language classes at a  language school.  Your working hours should be organized in such a way that you can take a language course.

In most countries as an au pair you don’t have to take  language classes  in a language school. But it can help you to take a language course in your host country so you can not only improve your speaking but also learn the grammar. In a language school you can also meet a lot of people so you won’t feel alone and homesick. Ask your host family what language school you should go to.