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Application au pair


How do you apply for an au pair job?

What should you consider?

Find out how to apply for an au pair job!


  • Choose the documents for your application carefully.
  • Choose a natural picture with a friendly background.
  • If you write your application letter by hand it gives it a more personal touch
  • Write your application in the language of the country you are going to.
  • Talk about your strengths as an au pair.
  • Talk about your experiences in child care.
  • Explain why you want to become an au pair.
  • Write about your talents.
  • Write about your hobbies and interests.


Your  au pair application  is the first thing your potential host family will see. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an au pair family using an au pair website or if you hired an  agency ; either way the first impression you make on the family is through your application. Therefore, the family will judge your au pair skills based on the quality and completeness of your application. Whether an au pair family will contact you or not depends on your application.

The first thing many host families look at in your  application  is your photo. We recommend choosing a friendly picture of yourself, with a neutral background.Ideally, the photo will show you smiling with a child that was in your care at some point.

Don’t forget: you are not applying for a job at a bank! It is fairly common for the children of the family to look at your application too; they have a say in the decision as well since they have to like the person who will spend many hours a day with them. We recommend keeping the children in mind when you write your application, and thinking about their interests as well. Just imagine what you would want to know about your future au pair if you were a child.

In your au pair application, don’t forget to mention your strengths as an au pair. Explain what child care experiences you have already gained, and why you want to become an au pair. It is also helpful if you can give the host family a time-frame so they know when you are available to work for them as an au pair. List reasons why you chose the country you want to go to for your au pair experience.

Talk about your interests and hobbies. Do you know how to play an instrument and would you want to teach the host children how to play it? Do you have any special skills that might be useful to the family, such as sewing, knitting, gardening, making handicrafts, etc.? Do you have a driver’s license? Also, talk about your personality, about what you have done so far in your life, about your education, about your family and about your life.


If you want to hire an au pair agency to find a host family for you,
they usually ask for the following application documents:
  • an application letter;
  • your CV;
  • a diploma or a job reference;
  • at least one reference from a child care job;
  • a personal reference;
  • pictures;
  • a medical certificate;
  • a certificate of good conduct;
  • a copy of your driver’s license;
  • a copy of your ID;
  • the filled-out application form of the au pair agency.


It is important that you only hand in copies of your certificates, references and important documents. It is not necessary to include the originals. Every agency has a different  application form . It helps the agency to find out more about you and about what you expect from your experience as an au pair. The form is like your business card and the agency will show it to the host families.
  • This is what you have to fill out on the application form of an au pair agency:
  • your personal information and your name;
  • address;
  • phone number and email address;
  • nationality;
  • sex;
  • religion;
  • education;
  • your and your parents’ occupations.

Furthermore, you have to say whether you have a driver’s license, if you smoke, if you are a vegetarian and if you suffer from chronic illness or allergies. You should also mention your hobbies and interests, how many languages you speak, what childcare experiences you have, and what you know about managing a household.

At the very end, you are asked what age you would prefer the host children to be and with how many children you would like to work. Also, you have to include whether you prefer living in a big city, in a small city or in the countryside. Hand in the filled-out and signed application form at your au pair agency.

If you use an au pair website to look for a host family, you have to create a profile before you can access the contact information of the host families. This profile is your personal signature, just like the application you write for the agency. However, you don’t have to upload your certificate of good conduct and the medical certificate right away. You only send them directly to your au pair family.


Finally, let’s talk about  social networks . For young people, it is normal to post personal information and pictures online using social networks such as Facebook. This information is usually public, or is easily accessible.

Please keep in mind that during the  application process your potential host family will have access to this information as well. If all they can see from your profile and your pictures is your party life, it might be more difficult for you to find a host family, without you realizing why. 

Therefore, our advice: beware of your personal appearance, online as well as in real life! If you keep that in mind, social networks such as Facebook 
can be a wonderful tool for you and your host family to get to know each other before meeting in person.