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Weekly plan for the au pair

A weekly plan for the au pair

How do you want to organize the day for your au pair? What advantages and disadvantages are there in coming up with a weekly plan for the au pair? What do you have to keep in mind when creating a weekly plan for your au pair?

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  • Work out a weekly plan for the au pair shortly after their arrival. Go over the plan with your au pair.
  • Include a to-do list in the weekly plan
  • Build your plan around the au pair’s language classes

Weekly plan for the au pair

Check how many  hours per week an au pair  is legally allowed to work in your country. You should make use of this time wisely. Talk with your au pair about the tasks you have in mind. It is best to do this as soon as possible after arrival so the au pair knows what to expect. We recommend creating a weekly plan for the au pair.

weekly plan  gives your family and the au pair a set structure and both sides can plan ahead. You can download a template for a weekly plan HERE . In this template you will find a to-do section where you can enter small tasks as well, so nothing will be forgotten. Put the weekly plan for the au pair in a place where everybody can see it so everybody is up to date.

Advantages of a weekly plan

  • All family members and the au pair know what to do.
  • As you create the plan, you’ll also organize your own time.
  • You can have the au pair help you with easy tasks as well.
  • Your daily life will be more organized, for you and the au pair.
  • Provides stability for the host family and the au pair.

Disadvantages of a weekly plan:

  • Creating a weekly plan for your au pair takes time
  • If an appointment changes, you will have to change the entire plan
  • The au pair might only complete the tasks mentioned in the weekly plan. Be specific about the tasks for your au pair.

Google Calendar for the au pair

If you have to travel a lot for your job it is possible that you won’t always have the time to call the au pair about sudden changes in the weekly plan. In these cases we recommend using Google Calendar. There, you can also enter your au pair’s cell phone number with an automatic reminder function. The au pair will then automatically receive a text message on the cell phone as a task reminder, or if there are any changes in the weekly plan.

In order to share the calendar with your au pair, you have to invite the au pair to join the Google Calendar you set up via email. This way, your au pair can look up everything online, or on a smartphone if available. However, in order to use this application, you all need to have a Google account. You could set up an email account like the following: aupair-fam-(your last name)@gmail.com.