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Computer for au pair

A computer for the au pair

Your au pair doesn’t have a computer? Find out how you can leave the au pair your computer without having to worry.

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  • Your au pair grew up with computers
  • If your au pair wants to stay in touch with family and friends abroad without paying a lot of money, they will need a computer
  • Establish the rules for using the computer in the beginning to avoid problems later on

Should the au pair use your computer?

Most au pairs bring their own  laptops or notebooks to the host family’s house. For this generation, having a computer is nothing unusual— they are used to using the computer every day. Before arrival, ask your au pair if they are bringing a laptop or notebook. If they are not bringing a computer, you might consider putting a computer in the au pair room. 

Set up a user account for the au pair

If it is too expensive for you to buy the  au pair a personal computer  , think about ways to allow the au pair to use your computer. For example, in windows, you can set up a personal user account for the au pair and configure their user rights. This is a good way to avoid your au pair accessing your data or installing programs without your permission. Setting up a user account for the au pair is a simple but effective method to allow the au pair to use your computer without messing with your computer. 

Computer and internet are important for the au pair

Please don’t forget that being far away from home, your  au pair really needs the internet . The au pair can keep in touch with friends and family through the internet, and it is a great way to share adventures abroad with loved ones back home.

There is a time for everything—even for the computer

When do you think is the best time for the au pair to use the computer?

Talk to your au pair about your ideas! Also, think about maybe limiting online time so your au pair won’t surf during  work hours.