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Cell phone for the au pair

Cell phone for the au pair

Cell phone and au pair. Should you buy your au pair a cell phone? What advantages does this offer?
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  • A cell phone helps with staying organized
  • A cell phone gives you more security
  • You can reach the au pair if there is an emergency
  • Friends can call the au pair directly
  • Staying in touch with friends and family back home is a good way for your au pair to avoid getting homesick
  • You can use Google Calendar on a smartphone

A cell phone for our au pair?

There are many advantages to giving your  au pair a cell phone . The au pair can call you if something unexpected happens, and you can also reach your au pair at any time if there is an emergency. This gives everybody peace of mind.

However, a  cell phone for an au pair  is not just useful during an emergency. Friends can call the au pair directly on the cell phone and don’t have to bother you by calling your landline every time they want to talk to your au pair. If there are many things in your family that need to be organized and there are many appointments to remember we recommend you get the au pair a smartphone. A smartphone can be directly linked to Google Calendar.

As a host family, this gives you the opportunity to enter tasks and appointments even when you are not at home. You can then share these, for example, with the au pair and your children. This way, everybody is always up to date. Obviously, for this to work, everybody in the family needs a smartphone. You could also enter the weekly plan for your au pair in Google Calendar and the au pair will get a reminder on their  cell phone , so no task will be forgotten.

Furthermore, if your au pair uses a smartphone as a cell phone, the au pair will have access to many free apps. They could use a chat app to send text messages for free. At home, the au pair can connect the smartphone to the Wi-Fi.  

How expensive is a cell phone for an au pair?

We recommend host families get their  au pairs a cell phone plan  with a flat rate for calling other cell phones and using the internet. You can get a smartphone plan for as little as 15 euros per month. This makes it easier for your au pair to reach friends and family back home, and without additional costs. It is even possible to use the smartphone for video chats and video phone calls. Staying connected will help your au pair feel less homesick, and the au pair will really appreciate the smartphone. A smartphone costs about 80 euros. Since   smartphone   plans are so cheap now, it’s usually not worth getting a prepaid phone. If you add up the costs for calls and text messages, you usually end up spending the same amount on a prepaid phone as you would have with the plan.

If you explain to your au pair how to use the cell phone and how to save money and if you make sure that the SIM card is blocked for international calls and roaming you won’t have bad surprises.  

Who pays for the au pair’s cell phone?

If it is important for you to stay in touch with the au pair at all times to stay informed about what is going on at home, and if you want to be able to solve problems quickly, you should calculate spending about 15 euros per month. 15 euros per month is a manageable amount, and the smartphone also offers advantages for you as a host family.

Additionally, your au pair will be content. As a host family, if you are calculating the total expenses for an au pair, you should include the cost of the  au pair’s cell phone.