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Plan Your Au Pair Trip


What do you have to organize before your au pair stay? You have no idea what to put in your suitcase? And what about your travel expenses?
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  • Get your visa and important documents ready;
  • buy your (plane) ticket;
  • insurance;
  • change money, get a credit card;
  • pack your suitcase;
  • Gifts for the host family.


As with every trip, you also have to plan your au pair stay. And these things take time. Below, we have some suggestions for you so you will know how to plan your trip and have a flawless start as an au pair abroad.


Basically, you have to pay for your au pair travel  expenses . However, some host families might pay for your  travel expenses  afterwards since they can deduct the costs from their taxes.

Talk to your host family about it and ask them for it politely.


If you travel abroad as an au pair, in most cases you will need a visa.

Every country has different visa regulations and terms that depend on: your age, your education, the reason for your trip and the duration of your stay. In some countries, you might have to prove upon your arrival that you have enough money to return.

With some countries, it is possible to apply for your visa online within 24 hours of your trip. In other countries, the visa process for au pairs might take – depending on the circumstances – up to 6 months. Find out before your au pair stay what the exact visa regulations are for the country you are traveling to. You can find the information by calling the consulate or embassy of the country or by looking at their websites.


With plane, train or bus  tickets , there can be big price differences.
Search carefully online so you can get  a cheap ticket  for your au pair trip.


In your home country you have  health insurance , but will you have insurance during your au pair stay abroad as well?
Sometimes, in order to get a visa, you need international health insurance and liability  insurance . Ask your insurance agency for the necessary insurance.



Host families don’t have to pay for an au pair’s  health insurance  in all countries.
Click here to find out more about health insurance for au pairs!



It can be useful to have a credit card as an au pair, not only so you can pay without cash, but also because sometimes, in case of an emergency, hospitals will only treat you if you have a credit card (and the corresponding insurance).

If you have a MasterCard, sometimes you can also use it as a credit card, but not in every country. On the one hand, taking out money with a MasterCard is cheaper than with a credit card; on the other hand, if you pay with a credit card you will get a better exchange rate. Ask your au pair family about the best way to pay in their country. Also, ask at what bank you can open up a free account.


While packing your suitcase you should think about what you want to do during your  au pair stay.

Obviously, you don’t need to take towels or sheets; your host family will have these things for you. Find out how the weather is going to be in the country so you can pack, if necessary, warm clothes and good shoes for the winter.
Checklist for packing your suit case:
  • clothes and cosmetics;
  • bathing suit;
  • maybe ski clothing;
  • winter accessories (hat, scarf, boots);
  • all the necessary documents (passport, driver’s license, vaccination certificate;
  • photocopies of all your important documents;
  • passport pictures (for example for your bus or train card);
  • credit card;
  • money
  • medicine;
  • glasses or contacts;
  • cell phone and charger;
  • laptop or notebook with charger;
  • dictionary;
  • Gifts for your host family.


As an au pair, it’s good to know that small  gifts  can win people’s hearts. Having a  good gift  for your host family is a great opportunity to make a good first impression and surprise your host family. Of course, you don’t have to buy a  gift  as an au pair, but it is fairly common that au pairs bring typical gifts from their home countries for everybody in the host family. The gift can be anything typical from your country or from the region you are from.

Au pair gifts for the children:  audio books, mugs, toys, drawing kits, Lego, Playmobile, water colors, a set for making handicrafts, games.

For the host parents: something typical from your country, maybe a guide book, an illustrated book with pictures from your country, typical food or products.

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