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First Time Contacting


Calling your host family for the first time? As an au pair, how do you communicate with the host family? Are you scared of the first phone call?

Read more about the first contacting as au pair.


  • The first phone call is an important step in preparing your au pair stay.
  • You should prepare some questions!
  • Calling is harder but also more personal than writing a letter or an email.


Contacting your host family is an important step for you as an au pair in order to prepare your stay. You should be well prepared and make a list of questions that you will ask your host family during your first phone call.

You will probably be nervous. It is not easy to talk over the phone in a foreign language if you are very nervous. Also, think about questions your host family might ask you. You can also download a list with a set of example questions your host family might ask you as their future au pair.

Look at this list and try to come up with answers in the foreign language. If you practice a bit, it will be easier for you to answer spontaneously when you actually talk to your host family.

Don’t forget that your au pair host family expects you to be nervous. Your host family is looking for an au pair to help them with the child care, so you should ask about the  children  during your  first phone call  with the host family . Also, ask about the children’s interests and about their daily routine.

Alternatively, you can  also contact your host family  over the  internet  using a video chat. For this, both sides need a computer with a web camera, a microphone, internet access and a video chat provider such as Skype. If you don’t have access to these things you could make an appointment with your host family and call them from an internet cafe. If you talk to your host family over a video chat, you can actually see each other during the call.


              Good questions for your host family for  the first phone call:
  • Information about the family (name, age, location, number of children, hobbies, job, …)
  • Questions about the children (name, age, hobbies, personality, kindergarten/school schedule)
  • Your working schedule and duties
  • Daily routine and free time with the children
  • Child education
  • Free weekend
  • relative
  • Location (house or apartment, own room/bathroom, means of transportation, car, language school)
  • Did they have au pairs before (if so, get in touch with them)
If you are relaxed and most importantly, honest, the  first phone call with the host family  is going to be a lot easier than you imagine.

„My host family called me without warning on my cell phone and I got very nervous. I ran around all day with my dictionary and prepared myself for all kinds of questions.

After the first phone call I was very relieved and all the calls after that got easier and easier.“