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After the arrival of the au pair


Your au pair has finally arrived! Tips for the first days with the au pair.

Read what you can do to help the au pair settle in.

The first days with an au pair

You have waited for a long time for the au pair to arrive. You have prepared everything for the au pair, and you probably have also thought a lot about what your life with an au pair will be like.

Information and tips for host families you find here!

The first days with the au pair

What will bring the first days with your au pair?

Information and advice abour the first days with au pair for host families you find here.

Au pair car

Au pair and car? What do you have to keep in mind?

Read on for more information about “Au Pair and Car”!


Rules for the au pair

If people live together, they need rules. This is especially true for au pairs and host families. Defining basic house rules provides orientation for the au pair, especially during the first days.

Read more about “Rules for au pair” here.


Going on vacation with the au pair

You want to go on vacation, but you aren’t sure if you should take the au pair with you or not.

Find out everything you need to know about your vacation 


Au pair and child care

The au pair and your children. What do you have to know about the topic?

Read more about “Au Pair and children” here!

Au pair and illness

Your au pair is sick and you don’t know what to do.

Read more about “Au Pair and illnesses” here!


Paperwork as host family

After the au pair arrives, what paperwork do you have to take care of? What are the deadlines?

Don’t worry, we have worked out a “paperwork roadmap” for you so you’ll know exactly what to do!


Problems with the au pair?

Typical problems with au pairs. Find out what can cause problems with an au pair and how to solve them!

Read more about “Problems with the au pair” here.


The daily life with an au pair

The daily routine with an au pair? What will your life be like? What do you have to keep in mind? What are the challenges of a life with an au pair?

Read more about “Daily life with an au pair” here!

Say “goodbye, au pair”!

Saying goodbye to the au pair?

Find out what you need to know about saying goodbye to your au pair.


Living and eating with the host family

Everything you need to know about living and eating with the au pair you find here.

Read more about “Living with au pair” here.


Host family changes au pair

Taking in an au pair that is changing host families.

Read more about “Changing au pair” here.