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Medical Certificate


Medical certificate for au pairs: Find out where you can get your medical certificate and what it should say.
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The  medical certificate  informs your host family if you are physically and psychologically capable of working as an au pair. Furthermore, it certifies that you don’t suffer from a chronic or a contagious illness.

Also, it states what vaccinations you have received. Usually, your general practitioner or pediatrician signs the  medical certificate  for you.

It is an important  requirement  for your au pair work and almost all agencies require a medical certificate for your application. If you have found your host family through an au pair  website , it depends on the family if you have to have a  medical certificate  or not. Nonetheless, most host families do want to see your certificate.

Important : When you enter the  country , your health certificate cannot be older than 3 months

Au pair in Canada

If you want to work as an au pair or caregiver in Canada, you need to consider the following:

Canada only accepts  medical certificates  for au pairs if they have been signed by a medical examiner who is recognized by the Canadian embassy. The Canadian embassy can give you the contact information for these examiners.