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Accomodation as an Au Pair


Accommodation as an au pair? Will you have your own room? How will you be living as an au pair? Read more about accommodation as au pair.


  • au pair room: with windows, you can lock it, heating, at least 8 m2;
  • eating with the family and participating in the family life.


Every au pair needs some  private space . Therefore, as an au pair you are entitled to your own room , if you will be living with your host family for more than three months. 

Normally, your room will be in the house or apartment of the host family. Though, especially in bigger cities, there might be less space. So your au pair room might be smaller or as an au pair you might have your own place close to the host family.

There are some rules about the au pair room : It has to have a window, you should be able to lock it and it has to have heating.

Since every person has a different style, you might not like the house of the host family or your  au pair room . Also, the nicest rooms are usually already taken and used as living room or children’s rooms. So don’t expect too much from your au pair room.

But : with some imagination and skill you can easily give your au pair room a more personal touch. Personal objects such as pictures, family pictures or posters or even just changing around the furniture can change a room a lot.

By the way : As an au pair you are responsible for keeping your own space clean. This doesn’t count as au pair working time.

„When I walked into my room for the first time, I was surprised how comfortable and bright it was. In the pictures the family had sent before it didn’t look like this. So I unpacked my things and then we all had dinner together.

My first day? Very relaxed and nice. There were no bad surprises.“