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Expenses au pair

Expenses for a host family

What expenses will you have with an au pair? How much money will you have to spend monthly on an au pair?

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Expenses for a host family with an au pair

What  expenses  does a host family have with an au pair? If your family is thinking about hiring an au pair, you are probably asking yourself this exact question. Ultimately, it is not enough to just meet the requirements to become a host family; you also have to be able to afford an au pair for their entire stay.

In some countries, it is possible to get tax deductions for au pair costs under deductible expenses for child care. Ask for more information at your local tax office because this can lower your  expenses  considerably! 

Your  expenses as a host family also depend on where you search for an au pair. If you look for an au pair online you will spend less money than if you hire an agency.   

We recommend the online search since many host families have had great experiences looking for an au pair on the web. It might take longer to find an au pair this way, but it is worth it since you are the best person to pick the right au pair for your family.

Expenses for the au pair family at a glance (including taxes):
  • Amount based on average cost.
  • minimum pocket money* per month (12 x 260 euros) = 3,120 euros.
  • insurance (12 x 40 euros) = 480 euros
  • expenses paperwork = 100 euros
  • first medical exam = 50 euros
  • money for public transportation (bus / train / subway) (12 x approx. 30 euros) = 360 euros
  • possibly agency commission for 12 months = 350 Euros (rough estimate— price depends on the agency)
  • Total expenses for 12 months = 4,460 euros
  • 4,460 / 12 months = 371.67 euros monthly

This is only an example of what you might spend on an au pair. However, considering that you will also pay more for utilities (water, electricity, spending more money on food, free time activities with the au pair etc.), you would probably spend on average somewhere between 400 and 450 euros per month on the au pair.