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Advantages of having an au pair


Advantages of having an au pair

You are an au pair, you have just arrived in your host country and now you want to find friends and meet new people? 

Read our suggestions on how to find friends as an au pair in your host country.

Advantages of having an au pair

Having an au pair stay with you and your family offers many advantages. Usually, you think about hiring an au pair when you need help.

Keep in mind though that accepting an au pair is about give and take. Most host families have great experiences  with au pairs. Even if they were hesitant at first, as soon as the au pair arrives, most families realize that it was a great decision to hire an au pair.

There are obviously many advantages that come with having an au pair in your family, since for most host families the au pair is a great help.

child Care

The main task of an au pair  is to help you with your children. With an au pair, your children will have a person in their lives that gives them a lot of attention. Also, your children will learn a lot about the au pair’s culture and they might even pick up a new language. An au pair is especially of great help if both parents of the host family work. It gives the parents more freedom and also lets them focus on their jobs.

For example, if the child is sick, the parents don’t have to worry about it any more since the au pair will stay home with the child and take care of him. Also, if the parents get sick, the au pair can help around the house..

Having an au pair at home will also give your children more stability.

Domestic choirs

The au pair can help you with little tasks around the house, such as cleaning the childrens’ room, preparing little meals for the children, loading and unloading the dishwasher, etc

Your life will become more relaxed and you will be able to be more spontaneous. You will be able to spend more time alone with your partner and go out with your friends.


On the internet, you can find some awful stories about au pairs. Many host families talk about the  downsides of having an au pair , but these are usually exceptions. So, in general, people talk more about their negative experiences than about the positive ones!   

If you have a great time with your au pair, you will have better things to do than writing about it on the web. If you consider a couple of rules when choosing an au pair, and if you try to be a good host family for the au pair, you will have a great experience!