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Host Family Present


What present should I get my host family? What will they like, what not? Here you’ll find a lot of suggestions about what present you can get your host family.

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  • something typical of your country
  • not too expensive
  • not too heavy, preferably light so it’s easy to transport
  • the presents for the children are the most important thing

Present for host family

Shortly before you leave to live with your host family abroad there is one important thing that you have to do: buy a  present for your host family.

What sounds so easy can be harder than you think. It’s very common that future au pairs agonize over what to get the members of their host family. Additionally, the  present  should meet various criteria: first and foremost the host family should like it. At the same time, it shouldn’t be too heavy or too big so it’s easy to transport on the trip. Ideally, your  present  should create a special bond between you and your host family.

If you are absolutely clueless as of what to get them, just ask your host family if there is anything they would want you to bring them from your country, for example a  typical liquor  or any other typical food from your country.

In our experience, a  typical game  from your country can help to build a bridge between the host family and the au pair. When you arrive you explain the game and the rules and then you all play together.

Depending on their age, children generally love  CDs with children’s songs  from other countries. Children love to sing and they will be happy to sing the songs from your country with you. The children of your host family would probably also like a book with typical fairy tales from your country, translated into the language of your host country.

If you don’t have a lot of money because of your travel expenses you can also make something yourself and bring it to your host family:

home-made jam  or liquor are always very popular with host parents. For the children, you could draw a picture which they could then put up in their room. This is very personal, and it shows that you have put in some thought.

Mostly, you should think about what to get the children of the host family, since children usually love  gifts  and they are the ones you should win over as quickly as possible.

Here is a list with ideas for presents you can get your host parents:

  • wine from your country
  • liquor from your country
  • beer from your country
  • sweets from your country
  • decorations from your country
  • Christmas tree decorations
  • food from your country
  • candles
  • candle stick holder
  • travel guide about your country
  • a game from your country

And here is a list with some ideas for gifts you could get the children

  • board games
  • fairy tales from your country
  • children’s songs from your country
  • storybooks from your country
  • sweets for children from your country
  • a mug with a picture of your home town
  • toys for the bath tub
  • shower gel or bath additives