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Before the arrival of the au pair


Before your au pair trip. Are you planning an au pair stay or an au pair tour?

Find out what you have to do before your au pair trip!


For how long should you work as an au pair? How much time abroad is necessary? How can you decide for how long you want to be an au pair?

Here you will find some answers to these questions.

A room for the au pair

Do you need some ideas for setting up a room for your future au pair?

Read more about the official requirements for au pair rooms and get some decoration ideas.

Information for the au pair

Your au pair will arrive soon. What you should tell the au pair before their arrival.

Read more about “information for au pair” here.

A weekly plan for the au pair

How do you want to organize the day for your au pair? What advantages and disadvantages are there in coming up with a weekly plan for the au pair? What do you have to keep in mind when creating a weekly plan for your au pair?

Read more about “Weekly plan for the au pair”.


A language course for your au pair.

What are your obligations as a host family regarding your au pair’s language course? Who has to pay for the classes and what do you have to consider when signing up the au pair for a course?

Find out more about “Language course for au pair”.


Public transportation and au pair

Let your au pair discover the area! With a monthly ticket for the public transportation system, your au pair will be mobile and therefore independent.

Read more about “Public transportation for au pair”.


Cell phone for the au pair

Cell phone and au pair. Should you buy your au pair a cell phone? What advantages does this offer?

More about “Cell phone for the au pair” here.

A computer for the au pair

Your au pair doesn’t have a computer? Find out how you can leave the au pair your computer without having to worry.

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Health insurance for the au pair

You haven’t taken out a health insurance policy for your au pair yet?

Find out more about health insurance and deadlines for host families here.