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Au Pair in Belgium


Do you want to be an au pair in Belgium?

Read on for more information and many useful tips for your au pair stay in Belgium.

Find out more about an au pair staying in Belgium!

Belgium as an Au Pair Destination

Do you want to experience a multicultural society in a modern state? Then you will definitely love  Belgium !

It doesn’t matter if you stay in a big city or in the country – wherever you go, you will meet nice, hospitable people that will be eager to teach you more about their culture.

The Kingdom of  Belgium  is a country that is divided into three different regions: the Flemish part, the German part, and the French part. In the heart of the country lies Brussels, the European metropolis.

Being an  au pair in Belgium , you will learn a new language very quickly by becoming an active part of the Belgian family life. Which one of the three languages will you end up learning? That’s up to you! 

Au Pair Requirements for Belgium

  • age : between 18 and 26/30 years
  • no children, not married
  • good health
  • clean criminal record
  • if possible, non-smoker
  • it is an advantage to have a driver’s license
  • basic level of either German, Flemish or French is a must

Au Pair Working Hours in Belgium

An au pair in Belgium  works  between  25 and 35 hours per week .

  • babysitting  – 2/3 times a week
  • free time  – one day off per week and once a month, a whole weekend off
  • vacation – two weeks per year

Au pair salary in Belgium

An au pair in Belgium earns around  300 to 450 euros per month . If the au pair stays at least 6 months, the host family pays at least 50 euros per month extra for travel expenses.

It is easier for the host family to deposit your  au pair salary  directly into a bank account, so make sure to open up a bank account once you arrive in Belgium. Your host family can help you with this.

Duration of the Au Pair Stay in Belgium

An au pair stays in Belgium lasts between  6 and 12 months.

Health Insurance in Belgium

The host family has to take out a  health insurance  and casualty insurance policy for the au pair, in case the au pair gets sick. In Belgium, the host family has to pay for the  au pair’s insurance .


Au Pair Expenses in Belgium

Usually, the au pair pays for  travel expenses , but the host family has to pay for the transportation to the language school.

Au Pair Visa and Entry Regulations in Belgium

Au pairs from EU countries can enter Belgium with a valid ID or  passport . However, the documents have to be valid until three months after the end of the au pair stay. Upon arrival in Belgium, you have to register your stay with the local authorities.  

Au pairs from non-EU countries have to have a work permit for Belgium.


Language courses in Belgium

Au pairs have the possibility to take  language classes . The au pair usually pays for these classes. In some cases, depending on the agreement with the host family, the host families will pay for part of the expenses for the  language classes.  Depending on where your host family lives in Belgium, you will take either Dutch, French, or German classes.

In Belgium , language schools  have to be officially certified. Private classes, online courses, or private institutes that are not certified will not be recognized for a job or college application.

Information for your au pair staying in Belgium

Official languages:  Dutch, French, German

Capital:  Brussels

Surface area: 30,528 km²  Population: 10,951,266 (2011)  Time Zone: UTC+1, UTC+2 (March through October)  Emergency numbers in Belgium:
  • 100 fire department
  • 100 ambulance
  • 101 police

Popular au pair cities in Belgium

  • Antwerp
  • ghent
  • Charleroi
  • lounger
  • Brussels
  • Bruges
  • Schaerbeek
  • Namur
  • Anderlecht
  • lions