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Au Pair in France


Au pair stay in France?

Do you want to be an au pair in France?

Read on for more information and many useful tips for your au pair stay in France.

 France as au pair country

France is a romantic country with a lot of history and therefore the perfect place for au pairs who want to discover the world. But France is a lot more than just Paris!

There are many other cities in France that are also very popular with au pairs, such as Nice, Marseilles, Lyon or Corsica. Why should you go to France for your au pair stay?

An au pair program in France is a combination of work and travel. During your everyday life with a host family you learn a new language by doing, since you not only work in the house, but also live there as a new family member.

Requirements for an Au Pair Stay in France

  • not married, no children
  • between 18 and 30 years old
  • clean criminal record
  • valid ID or visa
  • basic level of French
  • it can be helpful to have a driver’s license

Au Pair Working Hours in France

Au pairs work about  5 hours per day  and  30 to 34 hours per week  in France. Additionally, you will have to babysit 2 or 3 nights a week.

Your  working schedule  should be organized in such a way that you have time to take French classes. In France, au pairs get 1.5 days off per week. This  free time  does not necessarily have to fall on the weekends.

Au pair salary in France

Depending on the agreement between au pair and host family, the average  au pair salary  in France is between  260 and 315 euros per month . You should make sure the exact sum is mentioned in the au pair contract.

Duration of an Au Pair Stay in France

The minimum  duration  of an au pair stay in France is  2 – 3 months  and the maximum duration is  12 months . However, it is possible to extend the au pair’s stay for 6 more months.

Health Insurance in France

If the au pair stays longer than  3 months , the host family has to pay for the au pair’s health insurance. If the au pair stays 3 months or less, the au pair has to pay for the  health insurance . We recommend asking your insurance company before your trip if your  health insurance will be valid in France and if it will cover the costs in case of illness. 

Au pair expenses in France

You have to organize and pay for the trip to France yourself. There are, however, some host families that will pay for your travel expenses so the total cost of your au pair stay won’t be too high.

In exchange for taking care of the children and helping with little chores in the house, you will receive free food and accommodation in your own room. Host families that live in the country also usually pay for your transportation to the language school. 

Au Pair Visa and Entry Regulations in France

All au pairs from other EU countries can  travel to France  without any special entry regulations. All you need is a valid ID or passport. Please keep in mind that your documents have to be valid until the end of your au pair stay in France.

After entering the country you have to register with the local police department or the registration office. Your host family can help you with this.

Language courses in France

Au pairs in France must be able to take French classes. The au pair usually pays for the  language course , but it is possible to make an agreement with some host families so that they pay for (part of) the language course.

The host family should register the au pair for a  language course , since they know the city and the different language institutes better.

Information about France for your Au Pair Stay

Official language:  French

Capital : Paris

Surface Area : 668,763 km²

Population : 64,667,000 (2012)

Currency : Euro and CFP Franc

EU membership : since 1952 (founding member)

Climate : moderate climate

Timezone : UTC+1

Country code : + 33

emergency numbers:

  • Fire Department: 18
  • policies: 17
  • Rescue Service (SAMU): 15
  • SOS Médecins (doctors 24/7) 0147 077 777
  • Emergency number from the cell phone: 112

Popular Au Pair Cities in France

  • Paris
  • Marseilles
  • Lyons
  • toulouse
  • Nice
  • nantes
  • Strasbourg
  • Montpellier
  • Bordeaux
  • Lille