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Before the au pair arrives

Before the au pair arrives

Are you and your family waiting for the au pair to arrive? If so, then it’s time for some last-minute preparations.

Read here what you should do before the au pair arrives so you won’t be stressed afterwards.

You have found an au pair for your family.

Congratulations! Now, there is very little time left  before the au pair arrives.  This is the time to run some last-minute errands. Go over the most important things: is the room ready for the au pair? Is it comfortable? Did you leave some sheets for the au pair in the room? Did you leave enough towels in the bathroom? Did you get the au pair some basic drugstore products (soap, tooth brush, tooth paste …)?

Preparation for the au pair arrival

Also, the au pair will be thrilled if you have some flowers and candy in the room. When  preparing for the arrival  of your au pair, you should also consider the following:

What important things do you want to mention right away? Do you know which language school would be best for the au pair? When do they offer classes that fit the au pair’s language level ? Have you thought about getting your au pair a monthly ticket  for public transportation? If the au pair will use your car, have you informed your car insurance about it yet?


If you can are going to deduct the expenses for the  au pair from your taxes , you have to transfer the au pair’s pocket money into a special account. At what bank could your au pair open up an account for free? Do you want to get your au pair a cell phone? If so, we recommend buying a smartphone, so the au pair will be able to use Google Calendar.

Life together

Many host families wonder what else they could do to prepare for their  new life with the au pair . Living with an au pair is exciting and one thing is certain: you can never prepare for every possibility.

Don’t be impatione.The au pair is an individual with strengths and weaknesses, just like you and the members of your family!

Family life

Still, there are some ways to make it easier for you and your family to get used to your life with an au pair.

If you want to explain how your family works to the au pair after their arrival, first you have to know it yourself. Do you have certain house rules that the au pair will have to respect? Who in your family goes where and when? Who has to be picked up? At what time and for how long do you sit down and eat together? At what time do you start your evening routine and put the children to bed? Are there any special rituals in your family? When do you clean and vacuum and how often? Do you have rules for your children about eating candy or watching TV? You will probably find that there are even more things that you will want to explain to the au pair when they arrive.

Get used to the idea that you will soon have one more person living with you. The au pair will have dinner with your family, use the same bathroom, and ideally, the au pair will be a person your children can relate to.

Think about all of this! You will see – you and the au pair will have a great and exciting time together. Of course, you might be nervous when thinking about what could happen during the next year with the au pair. Your au pair is probably also nervous and curious and looking forward to the coming months with your family. The biggest challenge for all of you is to get used to one another after the au pair arrives. You will have to learn quickly how to live together. This will be a lot easier if you welcome the au pair with open arms and are tolerant and respectful.