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Au Pair in Australia


Do you want to become an au pair in Australia?
Here you can find tips on how you can find the right host family and how you should apply as an au pair Australia, whether you need a visa or not.
Find out more about how to become an au pair in Australia!

Requirements for an au pair in Australia:

Age for au pairs in Australia:

  • 18 – 30 years

Duration of an au pair stay in Australia :

  • 6 – 12 months

Language requirements for au pairs in Australia:

  • Basic English

Working hours per week

Au pairs and demi-pairs also have to babysit two nights a week.

 Pocket money  in Australia

      • Aupair : 150 – 250 AU$ per week (approx. 100 – 125 Euro)
      • Demi pair : aprox. 80 AU$ per week (approx. 55 Euro)

    Exchange rates can change; check out the exchange rate calculator.

Health insurance for au pairs

As an au pair or demi-pair in Australia you have to get international  health insurance  in your home country before your trip.

Driver’s licence

Au Pair : Necessary if you want to work as an au pair in Australia.
Demi- pair r: It is possible to find work as a demi-pair in Australia without a driver’s license.

 Cost of au pair stay in Australia

    • agency fees: between 250 and 750 euros
    • Travel expenses: between 1,000 and 1,500 euros
    • visa costs: approx. 200 euros
    • international driver’s license: approx. 20 euros
    • international insurance / international health insurance: 30-50 euros per month
    • 5,000 AU$ (approx. 3,700 Euro) in your savings account that you have to show when you enter the country

 Special rules for au pairs in Australia

    • Your occupation as an  au pair or a demi-pair in an Australian  host family ends after six months.If you want to stay longer in Australia, you have to find a new host family.

Information for au pairs about Australia

Population in Australia:

  • 22,342,400 (from 2010);

Surface in Australia:

  • 7,692,030 km2;

Australian capital:

  • Canberra;

Official language in Australia:

  • German;

Currency in Australia:

  • Australian Dollars: AU$

Climate in Australia:

  • Tropical climate in the north, desert-like climate in Central Australia and mild climate in the south and east.

Time change:

  • CET + 9 hours (east coast);
  • CET + 8 hours (center);
  • CET + 7 hours (west coast).