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Health insurance

Health insurance for the au pair

You haven’t taken out a health insurance policy for your au pair yet?

Find out more about health insurance and deadlines for host families here.


  • As the host family, you have to pay for your au pair’s health insurance
  • If your au pair gets sick, the insurance company either pays the medical bills right away or the host family might have to pay in advance and the insurance company will reimburse you later
  • The rates of the different insurance companies are all very similar
  • It might be cheaper to get an insurance package
  • Compare the insurance companies carefully

When to take out health insurance for the au pair?

Many host families are not sure when to take out a health insurance policy for their au pair. Ideally, you should get health insurance (including insurance policies for pregnancy and birth), liability insurance and casualty insurance for the au pair.

If you haven’t done this yet and the au pair is already with you, you have 31 days after arrival to take out a health insurance policy for the au pair. Double check the dates with the insurance companies in your area. In some countries, host families are legally required to take out a health insurance policy for their au pairs.

Sorting through the chaos of au pair insurance policies

If you want to take out a  health insurance policy for your au pair  shortly after arrival, you could start by searching online for different health insurances for au pairs. However, you will find so many companies, policies and rates that it will be hard to make a choice. Most likely, you’ll feel overwhelmed.

Mostly, you will find insurance packages for au pairs that contain  health insurance , liability insurance and casualty insurance.

It is hard to say exactly which insurance policy the au pair will need because this always depends on specific circumstances, but in any case, you should compare the different policies carefully, and don’t forget to read the fine print. This actually the most important part; if you don’t read carefully and make the wrong choice, the health insurance for your au pair might end up being very expensive.

The standard au pair health insurance covers in-patient treatment as well as out-patient treatment, transportation to and from the hospital as well as pregnancy and birth. If the au pair needs pain medication for dental treatment, it is normally also covered by the insurance company. Extended health insurance policies cover extra services, such as rehabilitation or payments to the host family in case the au pair gets sick.

Expenses for an au pair health insurance package

Depending on the services and co-payment, the costs for  au pair health insurance  can vary considerably. The expenses for an au pair insurance package including health insurance, liability insurance and casualty insurance fall between 20 and 50 euros. The coverage for au pair insurance policies is usually around one million euros for physical injuries and damage to property, 20,000 euros for inability to work, 5,000 euros in case of death, 2,500 euros for salvage costs and 1,000 euros for deportation expenses.