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Important information for au pair

Information for the au pair

Your au pair will arrive soon. What you should tell the au pair before their arrival.

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  • Talk about the details of the trip
  • Inform the au pair if there is anything in particular to consider
  • What goes in the suitcase?

Does the host family pay for travel expenses?

Your au pair will arrive soon. It is now time for one last long distance phone call to exchange important information and details before arrival.

Watch out! There are au pairs who contact their host families shortly before their scheduled arrival in order to borrow money for the trip or to ask for money for the tickets from them. Don’t ever agree to this!

The  au pair  has to pay for travel expenses. Obviously, if you want to, you can give the au pair the money back for the trip. But you should wait until the au pair arrives at your house. If you want to reimburse the au pair for travel expenses, you should wire the money to the au pair’s bank account, stating the reason for the payment clearly. This way, you may be able to deduct the cost from your taxes. Check with the Internal Revenue Office to see if this is possible.

When and where should you pick up the au pair?

Talk to your au pair about the  details of their trip . Find out when the au pair will leave and what means of transportation the au pair will use. Also ask about the final destination. Let the au pair know exactly what time you will be at the airport, train station or bus station to pick the au pair up. Make sure you exchange cell phone numbers so you can get in touch in case there is a delay (traffic jam, late plane). As the host family, you know exactly where the au pair will arrive. In case something goes wrong, establish an alternative meeting point where the au pair can wait for you.

What to pack?

Tell the au pair what clothes they will need for the entire year. Explain how the seasons are in your region, what climate the au pair should expect and what clothes are necessary. Au pairs usually arrive in the summer months, so it might be hard for your au pair to imagine that there will be a need for woolen socks, scarves and hats. Tell the au pair what  things you have already bought so the au pair won’t have to pack unnecessary things. If, for example, you got the au pair a hair drier, a bathrobe or a scale, you should tell the au pair. Obviously, the au pair doesn’t need to bring towels or sheets.

What trips do you have planned?

Think about the trips you have planned for you and the  au pair.  If you always spend your winters at a ski resort, you should tell the au pair before arrival.

Maybe the au pair knows how to ski or snowboard or likes winter sports and would like to bring equipment. Or, if your family likes to go hiking in the mountains, give your au pair the chance to pack sturdy shoes.

Welcome to our home!

In your last phone call,  tell the au pair  that you are all looking forward to their arrival.

Talk about your preparations and ask what the au pair would likes to eat on the first day. Inform your whole family about the arrival so everybody can be present to welcome the au pair to your home.